In an industry that likes to keep artists boxed into predictable molds, Bishop Lamont has always stood out in the Hip Hop crowd.


Hip-Hop has always represented the struggle, the hustle and the grind. The fans are unique to the genre because more than anyone else, lovers of this culture have always found heroes in the underdog. We relate to the guy who beat all the odds stacked against him. We understand taking a chance where there doesn't seem to be any, making a way out of no way at all and pushing through when the world wants you to quit and walk away. Our Heroes are the guys that don't. The ones who won't fold or sell out because it's easier. We admire that courage and praise that strength. We respond to it because on many levels we see ourselves fighting the good fight and beating the odds even if it means being the last man standing. 

And if that's the case, Bishop Lamont stands alone. 

As the former protégé of the legendary producer Dr. Dre, Bishop Lamont has seen immeasurable heights of rap success. After handing him his "Who Do I Have To Kill To Get A Record Deal?" Vol. 1 Mixtape, Bishop was hand picked by the good doctor back in 2005. Bishop was immediately put to work, pushing his pen and creating studio magic side-by-side with Dre. The time spent turned him into every bit the sonic perfectionist his mentor is said to be. With a natural ear for music and influences ranging from DJ Quik to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bishop was right at home working on a wide range of projects from Warren G's album "In The Mid-Nite Hour" to video game and movie soundtracks and even network television. So it was no surprise when his own song, the melodic ode to life "Grow Up" began charting and rising at an enormous rate. Bishop seemed ready to take the world by storm while taking his place as the next west side great. 

But into every life, some rain must fall. In the midst of his rise with fans clamoring for more, Bishop was hit with a cease and desist letter from his parent company, effectively shutting down his momentum. The dream that Bishop struggled to achieve all these years was being denied by the very people responsible for giving him the shot in the first place. Label politics would eventually see Bishop calling for his release and going out on his own. The battle since has been nothing but an uphill climb. Allies turned their backs, former friends became snakes and suddenly the industry decided to show its true face. Thankfully for Bishop, his fans did the same thing, supporting and riding with him through false starts, fake opportunities and shady businessmen. Bishop kept the faith by touring, releasing countless smashes year after year and never selling out, sucking up, or riding coattails to get back in the game. 

He would see his faith rewarded in loyalty by the team that surrounded him and stood by his side in the trenches since day one. The good people at Oniracom, also recognized the talent Bishop brought to the table and realized that the kind of grassroots fanbase support behind him doesn't just grow on trees. They began a campaign aimed at finally being this all-star caliber album to the public. Now after years of weathering the storm, shaking the snakes and reconciling with his former mentor Dr. Dre, Bishop is finally ready to release his long awaited debut The ReformationWith his first single "Un-American" featuring Ryu & Apathy hitting the World Wide Web like a hurricane, Bishop Lamont is about to prove that nice guys do finish last...and the last laugh is always the longest one. 

Now please sit back, relax and enjoy "BACK UP OFF ME" featuring Xzibit.