Back at 93.5 KDAY with Ras Kass

New episode of "Beats and Bars with DaeOne Beats and Noah Ayala with my Carson brother Rass Kass. Ya'll don't want to miss this episode!

That’s my "y’all ain’t ready and need to know, CARSON GOT A LOT OF DOPE SPITTERS" pose!!! Salute to all my Carson spitters, producers, and Deejays!!!✊🏾
#Carson In The Building DJ Speed N.W.A Ras Kass 93.5 KDAY

Bishop spits a freestyle on the Beats and Bars show on 93.5 KDAY

Note from Bishop:

“Noah and Dae One have created a new radio show called “BEATS AND BARS” which is a great platform for a rappers/Lyricist who truly love the art of Freestyling and the mental athleticism and sport of Off the top rhyming!!! I was blessed to be summoned for the first episode!!! For all my fellow Westcoast emcees, OG or new, who are interested and excited about being a part of future episodes, hit my two bruddas up for more info!!! Bless up!”

Bishop in studio working on track for Crooked I's upcoming album

Message from BIshop…

“Remember once it’s out, it’s out forever! Give your all when u push that pen(or text keyboard on your smartphone😂) I think rappers nowadays take recording for granted and don’t realize the amazing gift that technology has given us to record anywhere, at anytime, and so the value of what’s being recorded has declined significantly! Every time you step in that booth or sit at a coffee table and record into your portable set up, give it you’re all! Your fans deserve your best, the art form and culture needs growth and elevation, and your body of work should reflect evolution and innovation. #MESSAGE
P.S. This is only for those that care, and rep this Hip Hop shit to the fullest.”

Bishop visits 93.5 KDAY for a freestyle session

"The Confessional" celebrates it's 11 year anniversary!

We pay homage to all of you, the FANS who left so many amazing comments and shared such positive affirmations about “The Confessional” on a recent IG post from Bishop. We have compiled a slideshow with all of them below. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for staying true all of these years!

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 6.15.48 PM.png

A few words from Bishop…

😱Damn time flies!!! Much Love and Respect to @legendswill_neverdie for posting this!!!

The fun we had working on this album, I can’t begin to explain or describe to y’all !!! Thank you to every artist, producer, engineer, runner at Can Am, and anyone who helped make this a reality! Extra Extra special thank you to my brothers @theartistcaps @focus3dots @filltrate@binkthehumblemonsta @dae_one@bigstubaca @godfatherj13 @djkhalil@nottzdaruler @xzibit @markbatsonrocks@drdre 🙏🏾

You can listen to the album in it’s entirety through Bishop’s Spotify, just hit “play” below!

Bishop Lamont recording with group "Street Corner Renaissance" for his upcoming album, "Just Don't Die."

Looking for independent music artists!

Public service announcement from Myself, Damon Whitaker, and "The Artist Caps."

Thank you to all the artists that have been sending music over for our upcoming "I DISAGREE" #radio show! The influx of tracks has been overwhelming and we are so excited to have an additional platform that can showcase your raw talents! Through our network of industry connections, (especially our brother Damon Whitaker who many of you know has been heavily entrenched in the Film Industry as an actor, writer, and producer) will also be reviewing your music submissions and when applicable, can assist in helping to place your work for film projects as well! So keep them coming!
Send all music to the following email address:
We'll keep you posted on the official launch date for the shows first episode! You'll be contacted if we choose your song to play on the show and shout you out!

Bishop Lamont featured on upcoming Ghostface album!

"What the Fuck was I Thinking" - "Un-American"

Bishop discusses the backstory on what led to the creation of the song and why it's so important for not only Hip Hop culture, but society in general.  Check out the video section of the site to watch the video! 

Video short: "Grow Up"

For all of my die hard fans who continue to play my song "Grow Up," thank you for all of your continued support!  New music and tons of videos on their way! 


Check out this brand new track called "Heebie Jeebies" from one of Bishops' upcoming album projects set to release in 2018! Produced by Paul Cabbin and co-produced by Bret "Epic" Mazur.