I'm proud to finally announce my long awaited debut album The Reformation is HERE!!!! It's not a Unicorn, it's not a chupacabra, it's not big foot, IT'S FUCKING FOR REAL!!! Rejoice real HIPHOP is back!!! So all my true HIPHOP heads, and die hard fans, What are you waiting for? GO GET THAT SHIT!!! 

The album is available via digital download, collector CD digipak, & limited edition vinyl! We also have a dope selection of brand new merchandise inspired by the album art as well as first items from our Wardoggz brand! All album art direction and merch designs are designed by my bro and Creative Director @theartistcaps! Many thanks to the rest of my team: everyone over at Oniracom, Dj Beanz, Dave New York, Mecca and to all those who have stayed true and dedicated to this long hard journey! This is just the beginning!  

So CLICK THE LINK BELOW and place your orders now! 



Love and blessings,